Birmingham, Alabama, 1971 – I was 7 years old. I remember my dad quitting his job and going into business for himself as Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. I of course had no idea what that meant but I can remember how scared I was about the whole issue. My dad setup a work area in the garage and showed my brother and myself how to assemble pest control kits. The boxes reminded me of a suite case and every product had a designated spot where the cardboard was cut out for the product to fit. My dad would load up the trunk of his car and would usually return home after we got out of school. He would then help us make the kits along with my mother. It was not long after that that Fire Ant Control was one of the products that we packaged. “Blow, dip, and pour” as some have come to know it was usually done at that time by my dad, brother, or uncle. There were other kids/teenagers in the neighbor that also worked with us. My job in the assembly of Fire Ant Control was to take the plastic bags full of product and fold the top over twice and place a folded paper label over the top of the bag and staple together twice. I must have been about 8 years old at the time. I remember thinking that if I could get 3 cases (150 bags) done that that would be great. We used to beat the stapler to get the staples to go all the way through, well after about 100 bags my hand would be so bruised that I would then have to stand and crunch down on the stapler. However, the staples would get disfigured, and my dad would come over and say you must beat the stapler for it to work. I guess my dad must have realized the situation as it was because one of the most memorable events of my childhood was getting an electric stapler! I loved using that thing! It was like using an electric pencil sharpener. You used it even when you didn’t need to. Well, obviously my end of the production went up and work wasn’t so hard anymore. My brother still preferred the regular stapler because he was kind of scared of the electric one. Well, the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and before we knew it, we had moved out of the house into mini warehouses in Homewood. My mother would take us to work every day after school and I made a dollar an hour. Thinking back on it I remember my dad, my brother, and a fellow coworker all with long hair and nail bags tied around their waists building the offices inside the storage bays. Weed Killer had become one of our products by now and I helped move the 50 lb. boxes (at that time the bags weighed a 1 lb. each/ 50 per box) as they came off the assembly line. I weighed about the same but not quite as much as the Weed Killer boxes. Getting to work at 3:30 in the afternoon meant I had some catching up to do and boxes of Weed Killer would be waiting on me to move. I had to move the boxes to the shipping area which was in another building. We didn’t have a dolly or hand trucks at the time so I would try and move two at a time. After about the second haul of 100 lbs. I was giving out and could only move one at a time after that. The day we got dollies was another milestone in my life. Well, the months turned into years, and we found ourselves on the other side of the road in some classier mini warehouses. I was in high school now working every day after school, weekends, Christmas holidays and the endless days of summer. I enrolled in a Vocational program in high school so that I could get out of school every day at 11:15 AM and go to work. I had several jobs, from shoveling rock into the hopper from the top of the warehouse, to filling bottles with an acid mix, to doing the shipping and receiving. There was a group of 4 or 5 of us teenagers that worked in the warehouse and I was finally given the sole duty of shipping and receiving. The accountants said I was the most careful and dependable. Well, the “blow, dip, and pour” days were over and modern packaging was coming around. I left the business for a brief time and worked at other places before going off to college. It was strange after all those years of working that I was going to school now. My dad continued to try and keep me in the loop by cornering me every time I came home and said, “come here son, I need to pick your brain”. He called me his “sounding board” for his new ideas. Those were some interesting times. After graduating from college in 1986, I came back to work full time for my dad, under the new company name: Rainbow Technology, and I worked in Sales, Marketing, Network Administration, started a new division called LaMark Leasing and ran that for about a year, Accounting, Purchasing, back to Accounting, and now currently serving as President. It has been an honor serving the Utility industry these past 50 years. Here’s to 50 more!

Mark Steeley
Rainbow Technology Corporation


To Our Valued Customers,

As we continue to monitor the latest updates and information about the global COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking additional measures to ensure we safeguard the health of our employees and preserve our ability to operate. Over the past several weeks, we have been taking actions to help prevent infections at our sites in Alabama. Rainbow Technology has a pandemic preparedness plan that has been implemented, and we are being proactive in our approaches to ensure business continuity.

We have identified areas which we consider critical to operate and have made plans to ensure we have sufficient resources to keep production running safely and products shipped to our customers. We have also implemented business and personal travel guidelines and a mandatory 14-day quarantine of any employees who have been in areas of concern. We have also prohibited outside personnel from entering our offices to help mitigate the risk of spread to our employees.

Our pandemic team will continue to guide appropriate measures which should be taken during this event and take actions necessary to ensure our operations continue running.

Supply Chain and Customer Impacts:

The entire global supply chain has been impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While it is more difficult to confirm available logistics and delivery dates at this time, we believe our suppliers and carriers capabilities will keep us well positioned to work through these challenges and, if necessary, to help customers put the appropriate mitigation plans in place. We are working closely with our customers to determine any potential impacts or delays. We are also verifying our suppliers’ ability to supply raw materials from their manufacturing sites.

We realize this situation remains very dynamic. We will continue to provide updates as we learn more. We are confident in our preparation and contingency planning for situations such as this. We remain committed to providing the superior service and support that our customers have come to expect of our company throughout this situation and we wish the best for you and your families.

Mark Steeley
Rainbow Technology Corp.


Posted by John B. Holbrook, II on March 12, 2020

When a member of an organization’s workforce contracts any contagious illness, not only does the business suffer from the subsequent absenteeism of the employee, but productivity loss can also occur when a worker is suffering from illness and attempting to work. But there is particular concern over the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus that could be a devastating impact to both business operations and individual health. Fortunately, Rainbow Technology makes several different products which can be distributed throughout the workforce which can significantly reduce the incidence and transmission of everything from common cold and influenza viruses, to more serious viruses such as COVID-19. These are simple yet effective products that can work in conjunction with one another to keep employees safe and maintain optimum productivity.

Our Instant Hand Sanitizer is the first line of defense against the contraction and transmission of communicable illness. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of hand sanitizer for controlling the spread of contagious viral and bacterial agents: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention-treatment.html














In addition to our Instant Hand Sanitizer, wearing our Disposable Vinyl Gloves will also provide excellent protection for employees, and prevent transmission of communicable diseases. Disciplined use of both of these products will ensure healthy workers will not contract illness from any other workers or customers whom they come into contact. The Vinyl gloves are particularly useful for those who have a latex allergy and cannot use latex gloves.

In addition to hand washing, ensuring that community areas in the workplace are clean and germ free is a great preventative step to ensure a healthy workforce. Rainbow Technology has put together what’s called the Water Cooler Cleaner Kit with the ideal mix of cleaning products and cleansers to ensure that no diseases such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus are transmitted in the high traffic, public areas within the workplace.

Outside of the main workplace where there is less control over the environment, a higher level of protection is required. We recommend employees that are deployed (such as Service Technicians) use our Disposable Nitrile Powder-Free gloves. These gloves are more wear-resistant, but still provide excellent tactile feedback and little loss of dexterity. These gloves are robust enough to protect not only against the transmission of communicable illnesses, but also protect the wearer from direct skin exposure to any lubricants, solvents, or other hazardous chemicals they may come into contact with as a part of their normal duties. Another valuable addition for both deployed employees as well as those housed in a centralized location is the Infection Control & Clean-Up Kit. This kit (actually two in one package) meets OSHA requirements for protection against exposure to HIV, Hepatitis, and other blood-borne pathogens.

These products from Rainbow Technology, along with well-thought policies and procedures can all but eliminate the transmission of all contagious illness within the workplace, including the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Use of these products will also boost confidence in your company not only from employees, but also customers and the community at large. The huge demand for products associated with personal protection against COVID-19 and other communicable diseases have overwhelmed the supply chain for components that go into producing products such as Instant Hand Sanitizer so there could be delays in getting products shipped. Rainbow Technology has production in high gear and more and more product is becoming available everyday so get your orders in ASAP before the supply chain can no longer support the demand.


Posted by John B. Holbrook, II on February 20, 2020

The change of seasons is always a beautiful time of year, but with that nip in the air comes the many challenges of Winter. It never fails – I look at my watch and realize I’m running late. I grab my coat, run out to my car and discover it’s a block of ice. Having lived in some harsh winter regions within the Midwest, I’ve actually been in situations where I couldn’t get in my car because the doors were frozen shut. I couldn’t even get into the trunk to get the scraper out. That’s where Canadian Formula De-Icer comes to the rescue.














Canadian Formula De-Icer actually melts frost, ice, and snow on contact down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Pro Tip: Keep containers of Canadian Formula De-Icer both inside and outside of your vehicle. I keep some at the office, in my garage, and in my trunk. It’s been a life saver for me in those times where I just didn’t have time to start the car and wait for the ice to melt or even time to scrape off the ice. I’m also not ashamed to admit that even when I do have time to scrape, I’m not quite tall enough to reach all the necessary spots on the windshield of my SUV… and neither is my wife. So I make sure she has some Canadian Formula De-Icer with her where she works as well. Worried about the finish on your car being melted away? Don’t be – Canadian Formula De-Icer will not harm paint, metal, plexiglass, or other surfaces found on passenger vehicles or other utility equipment. You can also use it on steps and walk ways which get downright treacherous during the Winter months – works like a charm! Better yet, once it’s been used on a surface, it will actually help prevent refreezing!

Rainbow Technology developed Canadian Formula De-Icer to meet the needs of Service Technicians in the Utility Industries – when sophisticated networks and power substations go down due to ice build up or frozen equipment, a fast and effective industrial-grade solution is required. Which is also why Canadian Formula De-Icer is a big step above anything that can be found in the consumer market. So whether you’re trying to maintain system uptime, or simply trying to make sure you’re not late due to Winter, Canadian Formula De-Icer is your best friend.


Industrial Field Technicians in the Utility and Telecommunications Industry have unique requirements in the equipment service work they perform. Much of their service work involves routine maintenance and repair of the equipment they support – cleaning and lubrication. But the variety of equipment they service combined with the space limitations of a service vehicle makes it nearly impossible to have the right cleaning and lubrication product on hand for any given service requirement. It is for this reason that Rainbow Technology created Multi-Purpose Lubricant.














Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a general-purpose lubricant that protects equipment and tools from damage caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation, and corrosion. It’s essentially five products in one – a moisture displacer, a corrosion inhibitor, a cleaner, and a penetrating oil and lubricant. The product is versatile in application will not break down or damage plastics or polymers. It has a high dielectric strength, making it safe to use on all Telecommunication and Utility equipment. The CO2 based propellant allows the product to be delivered evenly and reach difficult to access equipment components.

As an enhanced corrosion inhibitor, it displaces moisture, then seals out moisture with a protective film to protect tools and equipment from damage. It’s also a powerful penetrating lubricant that effectively lubricates and frees rusted parts. It also serves to keep equipment in good repair, extending end-of-life, ROI, and helps to avoid costly replacement. Multi-Purpose Lubricant has been tested to Mil-Spec C-81309E where it passed for corrosion preventative compounds, water displacing, ultra-thin film lubricants with amendment II for type II grade with CO2 propellant. It has been additionally tested to portions of Telcordia TR-NWT-001231-Generic Requirements for moisture displacing lubricants. In short, you will not find a better single product for broad-based service, maintenance, and repair of Telecommunications and Utility Industry equipment than Multi-Purpose Lubricant from Rainbow Technology. Multi-Purpose Lubricant can be used alone or in conjunction with other Rainbow Technology products including:

  • Corrosion Wash (4495)
  • Multi-Purpose Terminal Brush (4494)
  • “Knuckles” Hand & Tool Cleaner Towels (79315, 79316)
  • Silicone Spray (85000)
  • Clean & Lube (4410)
  • Corrosion Stop (86000)
  • Stormy® All Weather Corrosion Protector (4401)
  • Cutting Oil (85010)
  • Cold Galvanize (86010)
  • Clear RTV Silicone Sealant (88000)



Fiberglass protective coating is easy to apply and prevents fiberglass ladder damage.

Fiberglass ladders will weather, as will most materials, when exposed to an outdoor environment. The degree of degradation of surface appearance will be accelerated by warm, moist climates; areas of high humidity; and high solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The effects from weathering on fiberglass ladders includes:

1. Color change – comes from resin yellowing, fading pigment, or fiber whitening

2. Loss of gloss finish

3. Surface fiber appearance – due to erosion or “fiber blooming.” Fiber blooming is the condition in which small fibers are exposed and give the ladder a chalky appearance. These exposed fibers collect dirt or grease and may affect the electrical properties of the ladder. These raised fibers also allow water along with water vapor to penetrate the ladder and lower the electrical resistance of the rail which will reduce its value as an insulator. Lastly, this condition will cause the user discomfort if the exposed fibers penetrate the skin.

4. Physical appearance – ladders may exhibit cracking, decaying, chipping, or flaking.

Rainbow Fiberglass Protective Coating (4621) is designed to protect fiberglass ladders and other assemblies against all of the above effects that may be caused by exposure to weather, humidity, or UV radiation.

You can use Rainbow Fiberglass Coating on these surfaces:

  • Fiberglass Ladders
  • All types of Disconnect Sticks
  • Material Handling Booms
  • Digger Derrick Booms
  • Temporary Change Out Equipment
  • Fiberglass Street Light Poles


Cleaning the fiberglass protective coating can #4621 is easy.

1. Surface must be clean, dry and free of rust before spraying. Prep the surface of the ladder by lightly sanding until smooth and free of flaking and splintered fiberglass. Take care to protect surrounding areas from spray mist. For best results, use when can is between 50°F and 90°F (10°C and 32°C.).

2. Shake can at least one minute after rattle is heard and occasionally during use.

3. Spray surface with steady even strokes at a distance of 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25cm). Several light coats give a better finish than one heavy coat. Allow 30 minutes of drying time between light coats. Allow to completely dry before use.

4. To clear sprayhead for future use, turn can upside down and spray for 3 seconds. Completely empty cans may be recycled or disposed of with regular trash. Dispose of partially empty cans responsibly. DO NOT incinerate or compact.

5. If clogging develops, turn sprayhead 1/4 turn or remove and clean sprayhead slot. Do not stick pin or other objects into can opening. With can and sprayhead pointed away from you, reinsert sprayhead with a gentle twisting motion.


With OSHA now requiring utility workers to wear Flame Retardant Clothing (FRC) for their personnel protection while at work, a concern has been raised as to “Can I use DEET Insect Repellent on my FR Clothing like I did on my regular work clothes?”

In the past there was not much thought of the effects of DEET being applied to non-FR Clothing for mosquito protection in the work place. But with the new changes in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements, the concern about the effects DEET has on FR Clothing needed to be addressed.

It was determined that DEET needed to be studied and tested on FR Clothing relative to arcing and exposure to open flames. This test was conducted by Rainbow Technology, ArcWare, and Kinectrics Laboratory to determine what effects DEET would have on FR Clothing when exposed to arcing. See the video below.

DEET Insect Repellent was applied on a FR Shirt, per label directions, before the arc test was conducted. The result clearly demonstrates that an application of DEET on FR Clothing propagates the flame after an arc and can contribute to body burn in the event of electric arc. It is therefore advisable not to treat any FR Clothing with any Insect Repellent containing DEET.

To find out more about Rainbow Tick & Mosquito Repellent for Clothing, click HERE.